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What People Are Saying..


I highly recommend this place. Coach David and all the other coaches taught me a lot, specially since I'm going to be going into the law enforcement field. I been boxing for 3 years going to my 4th year but I wanted to be able to learn another form of martial art reduce the risk of getting my self hurt and stay physically fit.
Jose V.


I have not been to this new location yet, which having moved away from the bay, is on top of my bucket list to come to when I am around. All I have to say is that going to the old one reminds me as some of the best times of my life. I have the highest respect towards coach Dave, awesone caring and gifted trainer, runs a great program. Moreover, I can't leave out coach John, Rodger, Christie, and Manny. Because of these guys I can honestly say my MMA skills truly improved.

Thank you guys!
Ricardo R.


Nothing but rave reviews for this place. Tried the ladies kickboxing class and LOVED IT!!! The instructor is super encouraging and so are the women in the class. After a couple of classes, I started seeing/feeling the improvement in my form/strength. It's a GREAT workout. Since I already have a gym membership, I only do drop-ins. . It's a nice way to mix things up, and it's great that the classes are small.
Ali R.


My son attended only for a short time because we moved. As I am now looking for places closer to our home, I am reminded of how amazing this dojo is. Coach David and the whole team was a great experience for my son. I wanted to give a shout out and assure any parents looking for a great safe place for their kids to learn Ju Jit Su, this is a fantastic place!
Divi K.


This place is perfect if you're looking for a new way to exercise! The classes are intense and fun (and they play really good music). It's definitely worth coming in to see what they're all about. Friendly and welcoming staff, I can't wait to try all the classes they offer!
Triniti G.


Recently took a live stream class with this gym and it's so good! Took the women's fitness class with instructor, Seta, and was one of the best hiit workouts I've done with just body weight. Highly recommend taking this live stream class ladies! I workout consistently and this is a tough one forsure!
Courtney C.


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